If you are a serious fire burner living in Southern California, you will probably choose a hardwood like Eucalyptus. You may not pay very much more for a cord of Eucalyptus, than for other types of wood, because the Eucalyptus is very plentiful in Southern California. Hardwoods like Eucalyptus  are more dense, therefore you actually get more for your money than with the lighter less dense wood. Because hardwoods are more dense, they provide more available fuel in the same space. Hardwoods burn a lot longer and if seasoned, it does the most efficient job. Hardwoods also do a great job in wood stoves allowing them to reach greater heat temperatures for longer periods of time. Anything airtight should perform better with hardwoods.  When comparing Eucalyptus with another well known hardwood such as Oak, you will find that Eucalyptus last longer, is more heat efficient, has less smoke and smells better. Even though Oak has the same hardwood properties as Eucalyptus, the fact still remains, that Eucalyptus is the best buy for your money in Southern California because of its availability.

Always look for firewood that is properly seasoned, regardless of the type. If it is not seasoned you will have trouble realizing its full potential from both heat and lasting standpoints.

The old axiom "good things aren't cheap and cheap things aren't good", definitely applies to the purchase of firewood. Do your homework, ask the right questions and you will be a lot happier when you've bought the right wood for the right occasion.

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